campervan awning guide

A guide to choosing the best campervan awning for you

An awning can double your living space, ultimately adding another room to your campervan so it’s important to get the right awning to suit your needs.  Here we look at what options there are when it comes to buying an awning for your campervan.

What will you use the awning for?

Think about what you will primarily be using your awning for. Will you be using your awning for extra sleeping space for people or pets, extra dining space, or just for somewhere to store your muddy clothes and footwear? What you want to use your awning for is the first thing to consider when choosing the exact style, make and model that’s right for you.

Awning Types

There are 2 types of campervan awning:


A canopy awning can be temporarily or permanently fixed to the side of your motorhome. Permanent ones wind out like a roller blind and generally have a couple of integral poles that fold down to form legs.

At the top end of the range, you can fit fabric walls to a canopy awning to enclose the space underneath. If you want a permanent canopy, it will require specialist fitting. The downside is you can’t leave it on site when you drive off for the day.

Drive Away

A drive-away awning is self-supporting. It attaches to an awning rail, but you can slip it off and leave the tent-like structure on your pitch if you take your vehicle out for the day. It gives you a place to take off wet clothes and shoes in comfort before entering your campervan – keeping the mud outside. It will also keep the worst of the wind and rain away from the door of the living area and you can store bikes out of the rain.

Most offer enough space to sit at a table and offer privacy as well as shelter from the elements. They’re also great for dumping buckets, spades and body boards after a day at the beach. Some of the larger drive-away awnings include sleeping cabins for extra accommodation. Mark your van position with pegs to ensure you park it back in the same position when you get back to site and need to re-connect your awning.

Before you start shopping for a campervan awning remember to measure your van so you can find the best type of awning for you. Please feel free to leave awning tips and recommendations in the comment box below.

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