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Best financing options for buying your dream campervan

Owning a campervan is an incredible experience, enabling adventurous travellers to explore wherever takes their fancy at their leisure, and have the luxury to sleep, wine and dine in their own self-contained mobile accommodation.

Purchasing a campervan is a significant investment and, for many, requires financing in order to live the dream of having the freedom and luxury of travelling around and exploring those off the beaten track locations you’ve always wanted to visit.

If you’re looking for finance to purchase a campervan, take a look at the best financing options for buying your dream campervan.

Hire Purchase

If spreading the cost of your campervan over monthly instalments would make the investment more financially feasible, then you may want to use the hire purchase method of financing.

With a hire purchase agreement, you pay the cost of the campervan off in monthly instalments until the full price of the vehicle has been paid off, at which time you will own the campervan outright.

Low Payment Loan

A low payment loan involves making low monthly payments for your campervan. The provider withholds a sum of the vehicle until the agreement comes to an end at which time you can either pay-off or refinance the remaining balance, part-exchange the vehicle, or sell the campervan and potentially make some profit from the residential value

Personal Contract Purchase

Similar to hire purchase financing, personal contract purchase – also referred to as PCP – allows you to finance the depreciation of the vehicle only, leaving you with four options at the end of the contract, including returning the campervan to the finance company, part-exchanging the van, paying off or refinancing the remaining balance, or selling the vehicle privately,

Effective Campervans, specialists in creating bespoke, custom-made campervan conversions built to the highest quality, offer a range of competitive finance plans for our campervans, through a number of reputable lenders, including Moto Novo, Black Horse, Lombard Finance and Close Motor.

Get in touch with Effective Campervans today to discuss the different financing options to make it possible to drive away a beautiful new campervan.

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