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Campervan Cooking Tips

Camping, we love it! The feeling of packing up and setting off in the campervan to escape our busy modern lives, even for just a day or two. There’s nothing like waking up, getting dressed and heading straight outside – ah the great outdoors! And nothing tastes better than a meal cooked outside, there’s something about cooking the old fashioned way that makes us really appreciate our food, the tricky part though is to master meal preparation when camping. Even if you have a hob inside your campervan you may want to cook outside from time to time. Here we look at some handy campervan cooking tips when planning your next campervan trip.

campervan campfireWhat to bring

Whether you are a simple cook who likes to make meals quickly and easily or someone who enjoys taking the time to create a gourmet meal, you need to think about what you might want to cook on your campervan trip. Write a list of all the ingredients you need to make each meal, this will ensure you have everything you need. For those super organised people, you could even measure out your ingredients, store them in a ziplock bag and label the bag for the appropriate meal.

Basic Essentials

  • Plates, bowls, knives and forks, spoons, mugs, cups
  • Teatowel, dish cloth, washing up liquid, washing up bowl
  • Camping stove and/or fire pit, pots and pans, camping kettle, oven mitt
  • Cool box, chopping board, swiss army knife, tin foil, matches

Quick Meal Tips

  • Before your trip, prepare a casserole, stew or soup etc. and freeze, store in your cooler and reheat for an easy meal.
  • Freeze any meat before putting in the cooler, it will last longer as well as helping to keep other items cool.
  • Bring plenty of snack foods like cereal bars, dried fruit and nuts in case you get hungry in between meals.
  • Instant or dried meals are brilliant for rainy days.

Campervan Cooking tips

  • Always cover the top of a pot when cooking outdoors, to cook your food quicker, save on fuel and keep pesky bugs out of your food.
  • Keep your food stored out of sight of wildlife to avoid unwanted visits.
  • Put a hole in the centre of your burger to ensure it’s cooked evenly throughout
  • Add a little powdered sugar to your bag of marshmallows to prevent them from sticking together.

There you have it – a few useful tips to remember when you’re planning your next campervanning trip.  We’d love to hear your camping and cooking tips, or tasty camping meal ideas – please share your wisdom in the comment box below!

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