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Campervan holidays guide – sun or snow?

Here at Effective Campervans we bring you our February blog which focuses on campervan holidays in different climates. As winter draws to a close many of us may be looking to spring and wondering when we can get the camper out again and with the recent snowy weather, spring can’t come soon enough.

However, others don’t let the snow stop them and still set off in the campervan whatever the weather.

Braving the snow

In March last year, we sold a beautiful cherry red converted VW van to the Beckett family who has been away in their campervan many times already. Their latest venture was skiing in France.

The family commented “The van was amazing to drive the 1200 kilometres. He was even happy in the snow. We did buy some wheel socks, but the tyres worked well.”

They have sent us some stunning pictures of the vibrant red campervan against the white snow. Later this year they are planning a trip to Sweden.

campervan in the snow
campervan in the snow

Seeking sunshine

If the cold weather really isn’t for you but you still want to get away in your campervan over winter, you may opt to drive south. A couple and their dog have decided to do just that also in a red VW van conversion. To avoid the end of the cold winter they have driven down to Torrevieja, Spain.

The journey from West Yorkshire took them through France with several campsite stops along the way. They spent a week on the road driving down at a leisurely pace. They are lucky enough to be able to spend 4 weeks in Torrevieja and will drive back home in time for Easter when the weather here will be a little warmer (we hope)!

campervan in spain

What would you use a campervan for?

So if you’re considering buying a campervan but want to ensure you’ll get the most use out of it, we hope you have found our two stories inspiring. The same van conversion but adapting well to two very different climates. A campervan can be used for many hobbies, whether you’re a keen skier, cyclist, surfer, hiker or simply love exploring new places.

Of course, the recent boom in popularity of the campervan means that there are so many different types to choose from. Opting for a converted van allows more freedom in the layout, colours and materials used. If you’re thinking about designing your own campervan conversion, please get in touch. We have great deals on new vans and can help you to create the perfect conversion to suit your needs.

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