campervan in scotland

Enjoy a memorable and unique Easter 2019 exploring Britain in a campervan

Have you planned your Easter holidays yet? Why not consider exploring the wonders of our beautifully diverse country in a campervan?

So many people already flock to Britain for their holidays, coming from all over the globe to check out the wonders of this incredible country. In fact, 39.2 million visitors from overseas came to the UK in 2017, spending a whopping £24.5 billion.

If you’re considering enjoying an Easter staycation, travelling in the comfort of a campervan can be one of the best ways to discover the very best of Britain.

Take a look at the following reasons why campervans offer the perfect way to explore Britain at Easter. (more…)

campervan family holiday

Why campervans make the perfect family holiday

Exploring different parts of the world with the freedom, convenience and comfort of being in a four-wheeled home, provides a fantastic family break. Unlike travelling by plane, train or other modes of transport, when voyaging in the luxury of a campervan, you are not constrained by tense travel times, nor do you have to battle the crowds and mayhem at the airport.

If you are interested in having an alternative holiday this year and investing in a motorhome take a look at the following reasons why campervans make the perfect family holiday.


taking a campervan to a festival

Taking A Campervan To A Festival: Top Tips

Are you wanting to visit a festival, but don’t like the prospect of sleeping in a potentially boggy field with no home comforts for a few days? We are here today to discuss the perfect alternative solution – taking a campervan to a festival!

With the ever growing popularity of festivals the vast majority have become campervan friendly over the past few years – so why not take full advantage of this? Whether you are taking your own campervan to a festival, or you are looking to hire one for the weekend, there are a number of things to think about before taking a campervan to a festival.

Additional Campervan Fees

Most festivals will make it mandatory for you to purchase an additional ticket to be able to park in the campervan site. Also, the majority of festivals require you to book these in advance, so be sure to do so – don’t just turn up on the day with your normal ticket!

Arrive early

This is just a recommendation from our previous experiences, but we have found that the earlier you arrive – the better. Everyone wants the perfect spot when it comes to parking your campervan. Dependant on what amenities you require, take into consideration the proximities of your campervan if your’s does not have a toilet and/or shower.

Stock up

Festivals can be a nightmare for not only queueing for basics such as toilets and showers, but food as well. Make use of taking a campervan to a festival and the space that comes with it, and stock up with some basic supplies to see you through however long you are there. Not only this, but festivals can be pretty expensive, especially in terms of food. Why not stop off at the local supermarket on route to the festival, so that you can pop back to your campervan during the day for some light meals and much-needed fluids?

If you haven’t already got your own campervan, why not check out our extensive range here, and see what is available to you. Alternatively, contact our experienced team on 01484 961567 and have a chat about your requirements.