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Exploring Scotland & Campervan Cleaning Tips

Welcome to Effective Campervans blog. This month we look at 5 beautiful Scottish destinations to visit in your campervan and our guide to cleaning your campervan.

Bonnie Wee Scotland

The weather has finally picked up and we can now enjoy lighter warmer evenings. It’s the perfect time to go away in the campervan. Here we explore the best Scotland has to offer with 5 must-see places, taking the scenic route of course!

Torridon scotland1. Torridon

Torridon is set in a dramatic and desolate area beneath the mountains, on the shore of Upper Loch Torridon in Wester Ross. Torridon is a great base for exploring the neighbouring countryside as the area is full of brilliant walking paths.

This beauty spot is popular with photographers and nature lovers. Simply park up and explore white sandy beaches or a picturesque lochside walk, while keeping an eye out for the red deer and otters that are native to the area.

Glen Nevis Scotland2. Glen Nevis

Glen Nevis is situated at the foot of Ben Nevis – Britain’s highest mountain. It’s home to one of the three highest waterfalls in Scotland, Steall Falls. The glen is accessible via a public road that becomes a single track.

Park your campervan at Braveheart car park and explore the beautiful area on foot to make the most of the dramatic scenery.


John o’ Groats3. John o’ Groats

For lovers of the open road, John o’ Groats is a must. Located on Scotland’s Northeastern tip the area is popular with tourists as one end of the longest distance between two inhabited British points on the mainland, with Land’s End in Cornwall lying 876 miles to the southwest.

The small coastal village acts as the gateway to the Orkney Islands but is also well known for unspoilt scenery, plentiful wildlife and scenic coastal paths.

Scourie bay scotland4. Scourie

Set in some of the most rugged and beautiful countryside, the landscape of Scourie is formed by glacial erosion and the passage of time. The area presents a unique mixture of mountains, glens and moorland, dotted with countless lochs and lochans.

Enjoy sea views and witness idyllic sunsets, with local caravan and camping sites providing elevated pitches with breathtaking views.


bealach na ba to applecross5. Bealach na Bà to Applecross

Wind your way through the mountains of  Applecross peninsula. Bealach na Ba, Gaelic for ‘pass of the cattle,’ is a single track road that is popular with campervan enthusiasts.

The route boasts the steepest road climb ascent in the UK, featured in episodes of the 90s television series Hamish Macbeth.

Time for a Spring Clean

We hope we have inspired you to visit Scotland in your campervan. But before you go, how about giving your campervan a little spring clean?

Cleaning a campervan is not the easiest of tasks as there are many hard to reach places. We recommend starting from the top down.

Step 1 – Rinse

Hosing down with a pressure washer is the best way to begin as it loosens dirt relatively quickly. Make sure not to get too close to the windows as water could seep through crevices and damage seals. Another option is to spray with a hosepipe or throw buckets of warm water over your campervan.

Step 2 – Shampoo

Make sure the shampoo you’re using is suitable for your campervan. Check your handbook before you start.

Using step ladders, start at the roof. Make horizontal strokes across the top and apply pressure to lift residual dirt and grime. Once you’ve cleaned the roof take a bucket of hot water and pour across the top.

Step 3 – Side panels

Use the same technique used to clean the roof. Never use washing up liquid to clean your campervan as it can be corrosive.

Step 4 – Windows

Softly hose or sponge your windows down to remove any grit using plenty of water. When you’re happy, wash the suds off using a microfibre cloth. Once dry use everyday glass or window cleaner to add shine.

Step 5 – Wheels

There are many spray-on tyre and wheel cleaners that get rid of brake dust and road grime. Once you’ve applied the cleaner use a non-scratch wheel brush to get in-between wheel spokes.

Step 6 – Inside

Open the doors and windows to get the air flowing through your campervan to prevent condensation and damp. Vacuum any carpets and upholstery you have and make sure all kitchen surfaces are wiped down with an antibacterial spray.

Clean windows with a glass and window cleaner and wipe down with a microfibre cloth. Don’t forget to polish and dust down shelves, clean inside cupboards and clean the inside of your fridge with an anti-bacterial cleaner.

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