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Five reasons to go campervanning with kids

With the freedom to explore exciting places and the thrill of being on the open road, it’s safe to say that kids love campervanning. In fact, without the stress of catching planes, hiring cars, being on time for train connections, or being cramped up together in a car, campervanning can be the perfect relaxing family holiday.

If you’re thinking about jumping on a campervanning excursion with the children to tow, take a look at the following five reasons to go campervanning with kids.

Introduce your kids to new places

There’s nothing quite like discovering new counties, towns, villages, countryside and cities to broaden youngsters’ horizons and introduce them to new people, places and sites.

When travelling in a campervan, the world is quite literally your oyster as to where you decide to take your family.

Create a sense of adventure

Being on the open road in a campervan never fails to create a sense of liberation, freedom and adventure that all the family will enjoy and none more so than children!

Snuggle up and get cosy

What could be cosier than sleeping under the stars in a comfortable campervan in some beautiful part of Britain, Europe or beyond?

Campervans provide the perfect opportunity for you to snuggle up and get cosy with the kids and enjoy quality family time playing games together, reading books, exploring the countryside and generally have lots of fun.

The kids can make new friends

If you plan to stay at campsites on your campervanning trip, it’s likely there will be other children for your kids to play with and have fun.

In fact, staying at campsites provides a great opportunity for youngsters to socialise with other children and make new friends, which, you never know, could lead to lifetime friendships.

And with the kids entertaining each other, you can enjoy some quality, peaceful adult time.

No limitations on what the kids can pack

Unlike travelling by plane, train, coach and even car, with so much space available, campervanning holidays allow the kids to take what they want (within reason), meaning their favourite teddies, books, toys and clothes don’t need to be left behind.

If you’re sold by the thrill, freedom and adventure of a campervanning holiday that will keep all the family happy, Effective Campervans have new, used and part-exchange options to help you find your perfect campervan.

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