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Living In A Campervan: The Ultimate Guide

Living in a campervan is a perfect way to see the world on a reasonable budget. Not only this, but it is an extremely convenient and comfortable way to explore and travel afar.

There are many advantages to living in a campervan – and we are here to discuss them today. First of all, what better way to travel than in the comfort of your own home? There is the excitement of travelling, meeting new people and exploring new places, all whilst having little to worry about. Not only this, but it’s a great feeling to set off on the long open road, with some good music playing and being surrounded with good company too.

Although living in a campervan can be advantageous, there are also some difficulties in this lifestyle, which we hope to be able to provide some helpful tips to help you overcome these.

Plan your route

Whether you choose to travel throughout the UK – or further afar, be sure to have some idea of where you are planning on going. Most campervans do not have basic luxuries such as toilets and/or showers etc, so it’s always good to plan in advance which campsites you intend on visiting and make sure you have enough time to get there and get settled.

Pack light

The topic of what to take with you while living in a campervan can be somewhat quite controversial. From our experiences, we have always found that it is best to take as little as possible in order to save yourself both space and stress. Do you really need to take all of those clothes with you and cramp up your living space?

Stock up

If you are lucky enough to have cooking facilities on your campervan, then be sure to take lots of food essentials with you.  This will not only make your life a lot easier on, but it will also save the cost of having to buy food at service stations on the route.

If you are thinking about purchasing and living in a campervan for your dream getaway, then why not check out what we currently have in stock here. Alternatively, contact our friendly team on 01484 961567.

Living In A Campervan: The Ultimate Guide
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