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On the road with a campervan for the first time? Check out these helpful tips!

Embarking on a journey in a campervan for the first time is a thrilling, exciting and somewhat daunting experience. If you’re about to board the campervan and head out on a road trip for the first time, you might be feeling a little apprehensive. Check out these helpful tips for your maiden campervan journey.

Write a pre-journey checklist

Writing a pre-journey checklist can be an effective way to ensure you don’t forget any important aspects of going on a trip in a camper. The list should be comprehensive and include everything from tyre pressure to brakes and signal lights, to windscreen wash and water and waste tanks.

Know the height and width of your camper

It’s also important that before embarking on your journey, you’re familiar with the height and width of your vehicle. This way, nasty bumps and surprises can be avoided as you’ll know which bridges and gaps your campervan will be able to fit through.

Get to know your camper

In can be tempting to go on a 200-mile road trip as soon as you leave the forecourt of the where you bought your treasured camper. However, it’s wise to take the time to get to know your campervan and learn how internal and engine components work properly before you set off on your campervanning holiday.

Do your research

Rather than blasting straight down the road without having much idea about where you’re going to sleep each night, carry out research into campsites in each area you’ll be visiting.

Check the facilities of each site to ensure they will cater to your specific needs and type of camper. For example, if you need a site that has an electric hook up, it’s advisable to book in advance to avoid the disappointment of there being no vacancies when you arrive.

If you are looking for a quality campervan to fulfil your campervanning dreams, get in contact with Effective Campervans. We have new, used and part-exchange options available and can even help with leasing and financing.

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