What’s Happening in The World of Campervans May 2021?

May wasn’t the happiest month for campervan fans as production issues are set to cause some delivery delays, plus the supply of gas bottles is currently being plundered by staycationers and garden barbeque lovers. There was some great news for anyone who wants to find some amazing but private camping areas though, so read on to see what’s been happening in the world of campervans during the last month.

UK Motorhome Deliveries Hit By Ford Production Shutdown

A combination of parts shortages, fires and storms have led to Ford halting production of the Transit and Transit Custom at their production facility in Turkey. The shutdown is set to have a significant knock-on effect for the campervan industry.

The parts shortage is affecting van and other vehicle manufacturing all across the world and involves the semiconductor chip which is used in several vital electronic systems, including brakes, power steering, infotainment and engine management. The fierce winter storms in Texas as well as a fire at a Japanese supplier facility has added to the supply problems.

The Transit and Transit Custom are both built in the plant in Turkey, but production ceased in April and the Ford shutdown is expected to continue until the middle of June. Ford intends to compensate for the production loss by increasing its capacity once the semiconductors are available and production returns to normal.

The campervan and motorhome industry is affected due to multiple models being built on the Transit chassis-cab, which is going to cause delivery delays.

Gas Shortage Hits Second-hand Motorhome Sales

It was reported in May that motorhome sellers are having trouble selling their motorhomes and campervans because of the supply problems with Calor gas bottles. The problem is because of the rise in first-time buyers who expect the gas bottles to be equipped with the vehicle they buy.

A Calor Gas spokesperson blamed the shortage on the impact of Covid-19, saying: “The impact of the Covid pandemic has resulted in record demand for Calor Gas cylinders due to the prolonged lockdown, warm weather and the boom in UK staycations last year.

“While new cylinders have been ordered in significant quantities, the demand has continued to grow this year and is resulting in some shortages. This is, therefore, having an impact on sectors such as the caravan and leisure vehicle sector.

Some Good News For Wild Campers!

May wasn’t all doom and gloom as a new scheme was launched making it possible to connect campers with landowners who have natural and secluded locations to offer as temporary camping sites. People with campervans and motorhomes will be able to enjoy special locations without the hubbub of other campers or tourists.

The Wild With Consent scheme is only available to people travelling in a self-contained motorhome or campervan, and the only fees involved are the charge for each night’s stay.

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