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Why campervans make the perfect family holiday

Exploring different parts of the world with the freedom, convenience and comfort of being in a four-wheeled home, provides a fantastic family break. Unlike travelling by plane, train or other modes of transport, when voyaging in the luxury of a campervan, you are not constrained by tense travel times, nor do you have to battle the crowds and mayhem at the airport.

If you are interested in having an alternative holiday this year and investing in a motorhome take a look at the following reasons why campervans make the perfect family holiday.

Take the family pet

If you decide to go on a campervan holiday you won’t have the worry about putting the family dog in kennels, as you can take your beloved pets with you. It’s not uncommon for cats to travel in campervans on family holidays, or even budgies!

Pack what you want

With stringent luggage restrictions, packing for flights is a notorious nightmare. When holidaying in a campervan you will avoid the stress of having to be clinical and sparse about what you take on holiday as you can literally throw in what you want to for all the family, from wellies and walking sticks to anoraks and board games.

Plenty to do to keep children entertained

We’re all familiar with whines of “Are we there yet?”, as the kids become increasingly bored when travelling. With a wealth of gadgets and games in tow and plenty of space to spread out and relax, campervan holidays are great for preventing somewhat inevitable boredom from kicking in.

Enjoy the great outdoors

Whether you head to the mountains or take a coastal road, being in a campervan enables you and your family to witness and explore places and sites you would miss if you travelled by plane.

Staying on campsites or at specified campervan spots is a fantastic way for the family to become acquainted with the great outdoors and enjoy the sense of community that is often lost on other, more conventional types of holidays.

If you are looking to experience the unique adventures of a campervan holiday with the family this year, then look no further than Effective Campervan. We have a diverse range of high-quality campervans available to buy that would make the perfect companion for a fun and memorable camping holiday in 2019.

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