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Why part-exchanging your campervan can make a lot of sense

After tens of thousands of miles, a string of fantastic holidays and many happy memories on the road, you could be forgiven for feeling reluctant to sell your much-loved campervan.

Though in order to keep the campervanning spirit alive, older models should ideally be replaced with newer versions to ensure you have a safe, reliable, and comfortable camper to enjoy more holidays and trips on the open road.

Part-exchanging can be an effective way to reap the rewards of a campervan upgrade. Like part-exchanging any vehicle, part-exchanging a campervan comes with a range of benefits.


Selling a beloved campervan can be a lengthy, drawn-out process, which runs the risk of sellers being let down by time-wasters.

By contrast, part-exchanging enables you to exchange your old camper immediately, which goes towards funding a newer model.

When part-exchanging, you will effectively address the problem of what to do with your existing vehicle, which can be tedious and frustrating.


Having a chunk of the price of a new campervan funded by a part-exchanged vehicle means you don’t have to find the entire amount to finance your new camper.

Consequently, part-exchanging your existing campervan can be an extremely cost-effective way to put you on the road with a fantastic new campervan and explore wherever takes your fancy.

Part-X your campervan with Effective Campervans

Effective Campervans strives to make the buying campervan experience as streamlined, easy and cost-effective as possible.

We proudly offer full part-exchange facilities to cater for your individual requirements. At Effective Campervans you can even part-x other vehicles, from cars and vans to motorbikes.

If you haven’t the capital to purchase the remaining cost of your new campervan, you can even settle the difference with financing options.

Get in touch today to discuss the possibility of part-exchanging your campervan for a new model.

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