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Why the UK is crazy for campervans?!

Great Britain is crazy for campervans! This was the finding of the largest survey of its kind carried out in the UK, which found that owning a campervan is a growing trend up and down the country. 

The research was carried out by Campervan Magazine, in collaboration with the Caravan Motorhome Club (C&MC). Around 1,900 people took part in the survey, most of which were campervan owners. 

The aim of the study was to find out what attracted people to purchasing campervans. A primary reason for Britain’s love affair with campervans is to escape the toil of everyday life with the freedom to go anywhere they want to. 

Other respondents said they are attracted by the sense of belonging to an exclusive campervan community and being part of the campervan scene.

The research also dispelled the misconception that campervanning is an expensive pastime.  

In response to the UK’s growing demand for campervans and the freedom and flexibility motorhome travel provides, all main British and European motorhome manufacturers are now required to make campervans. 

In 2016, the sales of motorhomes saw a 16.6% increase. In 2018, the number of motorhomes and campervans in use on Britain’s roads was around 225,000.  

The benefits of campervanning

Throwing some belongings in the back of the camper and setting off on a trip planned at the last minute comes with a myriad of benefits. Some of the key benefits of campervanning include:

  • Discovering new places 
  • A cost-effective holiday that doesn’t require travel or accommodation expenses
  • No packing restrictions, simply pack what you need in the van
  • Heading out on the open road is also great for wellbeing
  • The freedom and unique exploration values of campervanning makes it a great choice of family holiday 

With the many benefits a campervanning trip provides, it’s hardly surprising that Britain has gone campervan crazy!

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