Here at Effective Campervans we are experts in providing maximum comfort whilst travelling in style. We deal in the conversion of both new and used vans and aim to provide something for every type of customer. We specialise mainly in the converted VW Transporter but offer other makes and models such as Renault, Vauxhall and Peugeot vans.

You can be confident in knowing that every Effective Campervan has been created to the highest quality, paying attention to each and every detail. All of our advertised campervans are readily available, and we have a constant supply of different vehicles coming into stock on a daily basis.

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How we came about

Here at Effective Campervans we are lovers of camping and the great outdoors. We have a passion for touring the countryside and love camping in various picturesque locations both in and around the UK. With this in mind, we wanted to take our passion to the next level, and what better way to do just that, than in the comfort of your very own converted campervan?

Based in the heart of Yorkshire, Effective Campervans was established with a passion for the motor trade. As well as this, we wanted to put our industry expertise into practice. We set out with handfuls of creative flair and bucketfuls of enthusiasm to create bespoke, custom made campervan conversions built to the highest quality. In doing so, we aim to provide something to suit all preferences and budgets.

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Our Passion

With the campervanning industry growing from strength to strength, we saw a gap in the market for high quality, yet reasonably priced campervan conversions in West Yorkshire. With this in mind, we aim to bring a new outlook to this particular industry by incorporating innovation with new and fresh ideas to keep one step ahead of our competitors.

We understand the importance of practicality within campervanning and highlight this with each unique campervan conversion we create.

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Our Customers

Effective Campervans understands the importance of listening to the customer and delivering exactly what they want. We are here to make your camping experience the best it can possibly be, so it is vital that we go above and beyond our customer’s expectations.

Also, it’s important to us to ensure that our customers go away satisfied with their purchase and go on to love their campervans just as much as we love making them.

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Our Conversions
Part Exchange

Here at Effective Campervans we want to make your experience of buying a campervan run as smoothly as possible.

Although Effective Campervans is primarily in the field of campervans, we are pleased to offer part exchange for campervans on any automobile, from cars to vans to motorbikes. We have found in doing so, we make the process of buying your dream campervan a reality!

We are proud to offer full part exchange facilities to suit your requirements, and can even offer to settle off outstanding finance. We also give you the option of settling negative equity on whatever automobile you bring in for part exchange.

We run our findings, based on market valuations and the quality of the vehicle that is provided to us.

Please let us know your vehicle details and we will be happy to offer you a valuation. All initial quotes are issues at the time and are subject to final thorough inspection.

Finance & Insurance

Here at Effective Campervans pride ourselves in making your experience of buying a campervan run as smoothly as possible. If you think the possibility of purchasing a campervan is unrealistic due to the price tag, we are on hand to help, by providing possible finance options.

We offer a variety of different finance options on our new and used campervans both with low deposits and low monthly payments.

We are proud to offer a range of competitive finance plans through a variety of reputable lenders such as Black Horse, Moto Novo, Close Motor and Lombard finance. We carefully select the best suited lender to each individual and offer different options from there. In choosing these companies, we are confident that you, our customers are supported by a trusted and reliable financing source, in order to purchase the campervan of your dreams.

Finance Options

To put it simply, hire purchase is the method of paying for your campervan in monthly installments, whilst having the use of it at the same time.  In this instance, you are in effect leasing the campervan until the full amount has been paid.  At this stage you would then take full ownership of the vehicle.

This particular option allows you to drive away in your campervan with a lot lower monthly payments.  This is achieved by withholding a sum of your vehicle till the end of the agreement. The advantage of low payment plans is that there is no milage contract and settlements can be made at any stage of the agreed contract.

There are a few options that can be taken at the end of this type of agreement:

a. Pay off or re-finance the leftover sum
b. Part exchange the vehicle
c. Sell the vehicle and potentially keep any profit from the residential value.

Personal contract purchase (also known as PCP) is similar to that of hire purchase.  This particular option enables you to only finance the depreciation of the car and leaves you with four options at the end of the term.

a. Return to the finance company
b. Pay off or refinance the remaining balloon payment
c. Part exchange
d. Sell the vehicle privately.

We like to make the arranging your finance at the final stage as simple as possible, in order for you to drive away with your campervan at the earliest available date.

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