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Advice for looking after your campervan in the winter 

Most camper van owners will usually save their camping adventures for the warmer months of the year, but that doesn’t mean we can just forget about them during the winter.

It might seem a simple thing to put the campervan into hibernation for a few months when the temperatures drop, but there are several areas of the van’s storage where special attention must be paid in order to avoid incurring damage during its period of inactivity.

Clean and Clear-Out

Don’t leave any food or bathroom sundries in the campervan during its storage and give everything a good clean to ensure there is nothing left to attract rodents and bugs. Leave cupboard and refrigerator/freezer doors open if possible, to eliminate those dark cosy places so many unwanted visitors seem to like.

Give the awnings and wheel wells a scrub, as well as all the windows and door seals, making sure to dry all of them thoroughly afterwards. Moisture is not a hibernating camper van’s friend.

If the appliances and bedding can be removed to a storage area in your house, then do so. Close the van’s curtains or blinds to prevent sun damage (even during winter), and make sure all remaining appliances are unplugged and the main breaker is turned off.

Drain Pipes and Remove Gas Tanks

Any water left in the pipes can freeze, expand and break the pipes, so make sure to drain them completely. It is also a good idea to leave all faucets open in case there is any surplus water or pressure that needs to work its way out.

Also, make sure to remove any and all gas tanks to a safe storage spot away from the camper van.

Covering and Moisture Prevention

A tarpaulin cover is only good if it is fit for purpose, so it must be dry and able to prevent moisture from finding its way onto the exterior of the camper van. Check for holes and tears and repair them as necessary.

For moisture prevention inside the motorhome, place some silica gel around the interior as this substance absorbs moisture from the air.

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